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 I provide Practice questions in Chemistry to the students on this website. Detailed quizzes with answers have been compiled for all the courses offered here. For Chemistry Quizzes, please click here.
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Important Chemical Reactions

Halogenation by Electrophilic Addition Reactions in Alkenes

Single and Double Replacement Reactions and Net Ionic Reactions

How to Draw Lewis Dot Structure

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Online Tutoring ? Is it as effective as face-to-face tutoring ?

Online tutoring is a learning process where the tutor and the student interact and collaborate in a virtual classroom over the internet. The tutor uses the whiteboard and presentations to teach the subject and audio (VoIP) is used for voice conversation. The tutor makes use of digitized training resources such as presentations, animations, videos etc and the content available over the internet to teach the subject in detail while simultaneously using the whiteboard and audio interaction.

Online tutoring is as effective and probably even more efficient compared to face-to-face tutoring. While teaching, the tutor can make use of the digitized training content such as presentations, animations, videos etc and the plethora of content available over the internet to put across the subject in a manner in which it can be easily assimilated by the student.


What are the technical requirements for taking online sessions ?

You need a computer (a Pentium IV will do), a headset with microphone and a broadband internet connection (256 kbps). A digital writing pad is optional.


Can I get a Free Trial Session ?

Certainly. Please create a account and go to My Tutoring Sessions >> My Trial Sessions to schedule a Free Trial Session in the subject desired..


How do I schedule a session ?

Setting up a session is a simple three step process. On the Schedule New Session, select the package and subject and click on submit. The tutors for the subject are displayed. Select the tutor with whom you wish to schedule the session and click on Schedule Now. The tutor availability is now displayed to you. Go to your preferred time slot where the tutor is available and click. Confirm your session details and you are done.


Is there a minimum notice to schedule the sessions ?

You need to give a minimum 12 hours notice to schedule a session. However if you need a session immediately, you can contact admin and we will help you out.


Can I send my session files to the tutor ?

Certainly. While confirming the session details, you can give a message for the tutor and also send any documents which you would like to study during your session. Even later you can send files / messages to tutor by clicking on the ‘Send Message/
File to Tutor’ link in your session details.

How do I join the Live Session ?

On the My Tutoring Sessions >> Today’s Sessions page, the countdown timer shows the time left for the session to start. 15 minutes before the scheduled time of the session, a link to ‘Join Session’ appears. You can click on the link to join the session.


How can I revisit the session ?

All live sessions taken by you are recorded and can be revisited any time by goint to My Tutoring Sessions >> Sessions History. You can view the recording of all sessions taken by you by clicking on View Recorded Session.

How do I purchase a package?

Please visit the Pricing page to view the packages available. You can select the Grade / Test Prep and Subject desired and click on Search to bring up the packages for the Grade / Test Prep and Subject selected by you. Click on Pay Now to proceed for the checkout. All transactions are processed over PayPal, the world’s most trusted and secure online funds transfer platform.


Can I reschedule my sessions ?

You can cancel and reschedule your session upto twelve hours in advance. If the notice period for the cancellation is less than 12 hours, you would lose 30 minutes of tutoring time from your package.


How do I monitor the usage of my Package.

You can check the usage of your package by going to My Account >> My Packages . The details of sessions taken and those scheduled by you are displayed there.

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How can I get Homework Help / Assignment Help / Lab Help ?

Please visit Homework Help to submit the details of your Homework Help / Assignment Help / Lab Help. We will get back to you at the earliest with the details of pricing of the job to you. Once the payment is made, the job is started and delivered to you well before the deadline.