Chemistry Homework Problems : Tips and Strategies to Conquer Them

Chemistry problems for homework are an important part of the process of learning Chemistry. Attempting the problems or any other aspects of the lesson helps to consolidate your knowledge by trying it out yourself..

Homework in any subject, however, can make you groan. Chemistry being a daunting subject as it is, the Chemistry problems then appears even more formidable. It however is a inseparable part of the learning process and solving the chemistry problems by oneself boosts the knowledge as well as the confidence of the student.

The fear of Chemistry pervades from the lack of understanding of the subject itself. As with any subject, even more so with Chemistry, the basics of the subject must be understood first before moving on to the details. It often happens that the student is not able to understand these basics and yet the class has moved ahead to other topics. This may be due to any reason- probably missing a few classes due to sickness etc or even lack of attention during the classes. What it leads to is a gap in learning and as the student proceeds ahead to further topics, he/she finds it even more difficult to correlate the aspects. Chemistry Homework hence appears a big challenge as it becomes difficult to attack the problems due to incomplete understanding.

Conquering the Chemistry Homework hence must focus on gaining an insight into the related aspects of the problem and then attacking the problem itself. The following steps would therefore help in solving the homework problems:

  1. Analyze the problem and break it down into parts. This is the most important step and gives you the ingredients that would go into solving the problem.
  2. Identify the parts that you can take on yourself and those which would need further understanding / learning. This gives you the learning requirements or the gaps in learning which you need to bridge in order to solve the problem.
  3. Gain a thorough understanding of the learning requirements outlined earlier. This is probably the difficult part but the most crucial one. The student must go about it with sincerity so as to understand the basics of the subject which will then form the bedrock on which the rest of the knowledge will be built. The best way will be to take help of additional resources available on the internet for understanding the subject. Often it may be difficult for the student to do it by himself / herself and additional help may be required. Tutoring with a specialized tutor may often prove valuable at this stage to clear the questions that may remain.

There are also a number of websites which offer direct homework help. They would provide the solution to the homework problems for a charge. However I would recommend that one should obtain help in learning rather than to get someone to do it for  you. Obviously getting the work done through someone helps you little in learning and ultimately your grade would fall. This option can be used when one is in dire straits and running short on time.

  1. Go back to the problem and now attempt it. Hopefully you will be able to solve it now.

If despite your efforts you are not able to do the homework, it is best to explain the circumstances to your teacher and seek help in understanding the topics. Take my word- Your teacher will appreciative of the efforts made by you and will go all out to help you bridge the gaps in knowledge.

Here’s wishing you all the best for your Chemistry Homework.

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