Group Tutoring Classes With Dr. Uma Sharma

Learning in a Group with Dr Uma Sharma

  1. Affordable online tutoring with a highly qualified and experience tutor.
  2. Additional advantage of peer learning and group motivation. Studies have shown that students tend to learn better in their peer groups
  3. Students learn in group of 3 to 6 students which is the ideal size of class for a small motivational group.
  4. All Sessions recorded for review any time later. Review the recorded sessions from your I-pad or your mobile also.
  5. Practice Quizzes based on up-to-date Syllabus to hone your skills after every session.

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Session Ratings and Reviews

Student Reviews-4830
Total Sessions-9252

Group Learning

  1. Learning Using Specially Created Content. I use my own training content which has been specially prepared keeping the needs of students in mind. I focus upon clearing the basics of the subject first before moving on. Detailed explanations provided in a easy to understand manner forms the key to understanding.
  2. Solving problems based on topics covered. At the end of each session I go over the quizzes on the topic with the student which ensures correct assimilation by the student and any gaps in knowledge are clarified. I also provide Chemistry Quizzes for AP Chemistry Exam which students can attempt in their own time and discuss with me during the sessions. .

How to Join Group Tutoring:

You can join a existing group or create a group of your own with at least three students.

To see currently running / planned groups, please Click Here. (You must be logged in to View Existing Groups or Create a New Group)

We currently provide Group Online Tutoring in the following curriculums:

CBSE XI Chemistry

CBSE XII Chemistry

AP Chemistry

AP Chemistry

SAT Chemistry