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Important Chemical Reactions

Halogenation by Electrophilic Addition Reactions in Alkenes

Single and Double Replacement Reactions and Net Ionic Reactions

How to Draw Lewis Dot Structure

What My Students Have to Say

You have made Chemistry so simple for my daughter. She says you are even better than her professor and that her classmates would like to have you as her professor.

Meera, 2006California(parent)

I have gained immense confidence after studying with the tutors on this website. I recommend the tutors here to everyone who needs online tutoring and homework help.

Sarah Hamilton(Math)

My exams had gone off so well after my sessions for MCAT exams with you. I have thoroughly understood Aromatic Reactions, Alkenes and Alkynes after studying with you. Thank you so much. You are the best Chemistry Tutor I have ever had.

Yashika Patel, Boston(MCAT )

You are the best tutor that I have come across in my life. Keep up the good work.


Dear Uma, We want to thank you for the all hard work you did teaching Felix chemistry: Thanks to your dedicated tutoring he was able to score 760 on his Chemistry SAT test . We are very happy with the test results.

Alex and Katrina Glozman (parents of SAT/AP/general chemistry)

Hi Uma
I got my sat score today. I received a 760 for chemistry. Thank you very much for all your teachings.Under your guidance I will be successful in chemistry..

Felix(SAT Chemistry)

My wife and I will like to thank you for helping our son do so well at AP Chemistry. Although he got a 4, given where you picked him up and the total lack of teaching in his school, the exam outcome was a realistic one.
Mrs. Sharma. my son holds you in very high regard. He describes you as "One of the best teacher in the World " and he says so with a lot of conviction.
As parents we are grateful to you for helping him change his attitude to Chemistry from total fear and intimidation to love for the subject.

Mr P Maitra(Father of AP chemistry student)

Wanted to let you know that Mallika got a 5 on her AP Chemistry exam. Thank you for your efforts.

Radhika Madhusudan mother of AP student

Hello Uma, I just want to let you know that I got accepted to Midwestern University- Chicago College of Pharmacy (my preference) and I also received an invitation to interview at University of Illinois at Chicago College of Pharmacy as well! Both of these schools are the best in my area. I am beyond excited and overjoyed. Of course, it would not have been possible without your assistance and support in organic chemistry. My professors thought that I should pursue advanced organic chemistry or even PhD's- they did not know I worked with a great tutor by my side and that it had made all the difference for me to have met you. My success in my organic chemistry class spilled over to other science classes that I took. I plan to continue working hard and perhaps, very soon, I will need another session with you! Thank you very much again! Sincerely, Cat

Catphuong Nguyen(pharmacy student)

Dear Dr. Sharma, I want you to know that I see you as a mentor. So far, in my life, it has been my mentors who have really helped me, guided me, and I know will mold me even beyond the scope of my career. I will always remember to thank you for all you do. Thank you for all of your help and guidance, Dr. Sharma. Hope you feel better and I will get Sitopladi and Honey :) Kindest Regards, Steve

Steve (organic chemistry student)

Hello Uma, Thank you for your session this morning. My daughter said it was very informative and she learnt well. She said she liked the fact that you asked her questions. Please make sure she understands her basics well, even if it takes more of your time. I have bought a package for 5 hours. As discussed this morning, please schedule the lesson for 8:00 -10:00 am EST tomorrow 3/5. Thank you again for your time and efforts. Vidya

Vidya (mother of Deepika organic chemistry student)

I got my scores-in general chemistry my correct answers were 26 out of 30 questions so my DAT score is 20 out of 30. in organic chem my correct answers were 23 out of 30 questions so my DAT score is 19 out of 30. my average DAT score is 19 out of 30...not bad. we have to see what is the cut off of new york university. it shoud be around 18 or 19 or 20..according to the office people in the university. will come to know in 2013 spring thanks to you for everything..Icouldn't have scored even this much without your help. The overall exam was not that easy..there were some pretty hard questions.specially the PAT section was quite hard when I travel to india this december I will get all the DAT books for you. barrons,kaplan,dat destroyer. thanks again ,will talk when u are free. I was called for interview. will get the result on 3 weeks

Jaspreet (DAT student)

hello uma ji, The cut off of DAT at the new york university has gone down to 17. i have a score of 19 . still waiting for my result. my application got submitted after the deadline due to some reasons. but hoping for the best. hope you are still rocking at ur lectures and wishing you luck as always

Jaspreet(DAT student)

Hi I am Shah here.I am taking regular tutoring from chemtopper for organic I from uma sharma(tutor).Today I appeared in my final examination and my professor just scanned my answers and told me to get enroll in organic II .This is never heard in USA that a professor asking a student to join a course like this.I think this is something awesome in a student's career .I am really thankful to chemtopper and specially to Uma Sharma (my preferred tutor) who really helped me a lot during my examination time.She helped me understanding organic chemistry in much simpler way by her unique way of teaching.I would like to continue with her as my preferred tutor for organic chemistry II.

Shah (2009)(organic chemistry student)

I had been a novice at Chemistry when I joined Organic Chemistry-I. In my first exam I had got ‘F’ grade and was on the verge of leaving Organic Chemistry when I found you. You have made Organic Chemistry so simple for me. I am now the topper of my class having scored 100% in my exams !!!

Kim Dewitt(organic chemistry student)

In my DAT I was in the top 93 percentile of the US for that section, which means I scored higher than 93% of all test takers. it was all thanks to you Can't tell you how much you helped.

Neha Garge(DAT student)

Hello I would like to thank a very articulate tutor Miss Uma Sharma specifically for helping me with Organic chemistry. Her knowledge of subject is amazing. The way she deals with the topics reveals her deep understanding of the subject. Her encouragement to delve deeper into the subject keeps me flocking into her session. She helps me understand my assignments well so that i am able to work independently. She was never lost for words when questioned, and i always had answers. Miss Uma Sharma is indeed an asset as a tutor. I praise her dedication and genuine love for her profession that was evident in the way she taught.

SHAH Colorado, USA(organic chemistry)

Ms.Uma was very helpful. The active teaching when she asks the student gives the student practice and ensures their understanding which I found helpful.

Neije(Moitreyee)IB student

Uma, Qian transfer from 11th grade to 12th grade on chemistry subject, she was assessed 2 days ago. When I got the news, I want to thank you again for being a very good chem teacher.

Helen( Quian's mother)

I was so happy when I heard my daughter passed AP Bio & Chem both with 4s. Her effort has paid off. I credit Chemtopper for tutoring her. My daughter's school wasn't able to offer AP classes, and I wasn't able to find tutors who taught AP in English in China, so I turned to online AP courses, and I found Chemtopper. Chemtopper's team is wonderful; both our Bio and Chem tutors are PhDs and very experienced tutors. We went through all the content in 3 months and passed the exams with satisfactory results.

Helen Feng(Qian's mother)

just to let you know that Aarti got an offer for a Pharmacy course in London ,King's colleges.She is very excited... she got all the offers from UK thanks for all yr help you gave to aarti she feels comfortable with chemistry

Renuka Patel(mother)

Really good. Tutor was well prepared and explained concepts by using different examples. The sessions are saved so they can be revised afterwards as well. ** HIGHLY RECOMMENDED **

Jamal Ahmed IB chem student

HI Uma ji, I got admission into DDS programme at NYU. Thanks a ton for helping me through and motivating me all the time I wish good luck to you . Your teaching will help make students with a strong foundation God bless you

Jaspreet (DAT student)

Dear Dr. Sharma, Would like to finish chapter 3 in tomorrow's session. I make sure to review notes after our sessions and then go back to re-read the Kaplan book. You are absolutely right: without a complete understanding of the topic, it will be very difficult to grasp the material. Thank you for helping me understand the material so thoroughly.

Steve(MCAT student ))

Dear Uma, My wife and I want to thank you once again for the excellent teaching that you provide to our younger son Thomas. Thanks to your dedicated teaching he, while still in 10th grade, was able to score a 5 in AP Chemistry. You helped him build a solid foundation in inorganic chemistry, and now continue to teach him organic chemistry. He is happy to be your student and we are happy you are his teacher. Sincerely, Ekaterina and Alex Glozman

Alex and Katrina Glozman 2007(parents)

Hi Dr. Sharma, I'm reviewing Orgo Part 2. Everything you taught me is coming back very easily. Once again, thank you! Orgo is 25% of the Biological Sciences section and every point counts. Chemistry is 50% of the Physical Science section so I am making sure to keep up in that area too. Hope you have a safe trip. See you soon. Kind Regards, Steve

Steve (MCAT student ))

A great tutor who enjoys chemistry as well as teaching it. Her teaching style is very understandable and easy. Neither have i had such a good chemistry tutor or have I understood chemistry as much as i did before I started classes with Uma. Couldn't ask for a better chemistry tutor!

Sai Muttavarapu-2013

Great job teaching Organic Chemistry specifically mechanisms of reactions. Thank you.


After the session I finally understood resonance structures of organic compounds. This is a high yield topic on the MCAT. I wish my college professor could teach as well as Uma.


I'm in the IB program, and having these online sessions to review for my exams are perfect! Thanks a lot!


Really good. Tutor was well prepared and explained concepts by using different examples. The sessions are saved so they can be revised afterwards as well. ** HIGHLY RECOMMENDED **

Jamal Ahmed

It's great that you are so patient in explaining things multiple times and giving extra examples to work out to make sure that I understand the points. Thanks for all your help!

Sunitha 2012

Great session, I really like how you're challenged on your knowledge, it keeps you on your toes while learning - thanks!!


very good lecture. mrs. uma know where to hit the chord

Jim 2013

the lecture was awesome. never thought i could solve organic chemistry with ease . it has been made possible under the guidance mrs. uma sharma..a wonderful teacher who has a very fine understanding of the needs of her students .


I can tell you, the help is so valuable. I was ranging from 74-82%, everything is 90+ now waiting for the chem marks to be posted from last week. amazing tutoring in chemistry

Trevor Poole

Hello ms. Sharma, I wanted to let you know that my ap chemistry exam on monday went extremely well. :) Thank you so much for all the tutoring and help you gave me. I am very pleased with your teaching.... I wish you were my chemistry teacher! My chemistry teacher here was recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer. This is the third time she has gotten the cancer back and there is no guarantee for recovery. But i am very grateful to have come across your website.... I have survived chemistry because of you. Your love for chemistry has inspired me to pursue biochemistry, since i realized through you chemistry is a subject to enjoy and love. Its not just about learning the concepts but actually enjoying them! I am 100% going to continue with your website and teaching for general chemistry and organic chemistry in college. I will have also recommended your website to lots of my friends here. Once again, and never the last, thank you so very much for helping me and guiding me through chemistry. I miss having your sessions at night (over here, for you its morning :). But i will definitely see you in the summer with some more tutoring to prepare me for college! Thanking you, Yours sincerely, Anusha Sent from my iPad

Anusha (AP chem student)

hello ms. sharma! i got my ap scores today and i made a 4 out of 5 on ap chemistry!!!! thank you so much ms. sharma for helping me understand and enjoy chemistry, not just only learning it. i was literally in tears when i saw my score. i have claimed credit for general chemistry I and i will be taking general chemistry II. i have not scheduled for my classes yet.... but i will definitely join chemtopper.com again for chemistry, math and physics. thank you so much ms. sharma....... and i will meet you very soon! yours sincerely, Anusha

Anusha (AP chem student)

Hello Miss Uma, My name is Vivian Jaworsky. I was referenced to you by Dr. Glozman and his sons (Felix and Tomas) who were extremely satisfied with their progress as a result of your tutoring.I wanted to inquire about the tutoring services you provide for both high school chemistry and high school physics. In the past two years I took both courses and I wanted to move on to AP Physics and AP Chemistry in order to prepare for studying pre-med in college. I thought that it would be a good idea to refresh the two basic courses and find out where my weak areas in them are in order to be better prepared to take the AP courses. I was wondering how I could go about doing this with you and how the sessions for both work. Thank You.

Vivian Jaworsky- inquiry

I GOT A 100% I had to send you a picture ms. Sharma. See you next class! Regards, Anusha

Anusha Bontha (2014 general chemistry student)

Dear Mrs.Sharma, I hope you're having a great day! My Organic Chemistry 1 Final was very hard, the class average was a 53%. The professor didn't release individual grades, but final grades recently came out and I got an A in the class! I am super happy about that and want to thank you for all of the help and guidance in the last semester. I will be scheduling classes and renewing my package soon in preparation for Organic Chemistry 2. I have attached the syllabus of the course just in case you wanted to take a look at it. Happy New Year! Sincerely,

Nirmal (organic chemistry I)

Hi Mrs.Sharma, I hope you're having a great day! I got my exam 2 result back and I got a 172/200 which is an A! The class average is as follows: Exam II: Average 118.5 A 150 and above A- 140-149 B+ 130-139 B 120-129 C+ 110-119 C 100-109 D 90-99 F <90 I have attached the test as well. Thanks for all the help! I will start booking classes again soon. Sincerely,

Nirmal (organic chemistry II)Texas University

Hello ms. sharma, My final exam went very well. I got a 98% on the final exam and I have successfully completed Gen Chem. I am ready to start off my fall semester with Organic chemistry with you! i would like to start my sessions in June.

Anusha .general chemistry

Hi Uma, my feedback about the session : very helpful session -The IUPAC naming scheme is clear to me now, as we practiced it over and over -I greatly appreciate the fact that we can do the specific problems that I provide, but then we also do examples that you provide -I find it extremely efficient that we can both write on the whiteboard -I am very comfortable with asking you any questions that I have (no matter how simple they are) because I know you will always do a great job in answering them -I like that you ask me questions when you know that I am confused about a certain topic (this is a great way for me to learn!) -I like that we do many, many examples and that you make sure I fully understand what we are discussing before we move on to another topic -You explain very difficult ideas (at least, they are difficult for me) in a very simple way, in a way that is easy for me to understand, and that is amazing -You are able to answer any and all questions I have You are a fantastic tutor, thank you so much!

Nisha organic chemistry

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I got a 740/800 on the SAT chemistry test! Thank you for helping me prepare for it! Thanks, Naveena

Naveena Bontha High School student

Hi Uma! I am doing great! I did very well on my exam, I got 163/175 - which is an A! It was one of the highest grades in the class. It's all thanks to you - you helped me SO much, thank you!!!! I have had some family coming into town recently, so I haven't had much time to schedule sessions for this week yet. Later today, I will go on chemtopper and choose some session times. I will probably schedule a session for tomorrow (Thursday). My final exam for this class is next Friday, July 3rd. So, next week, I will be needing a session pretty much every day - I will schedule these. Thanks so much again, I am so happy about my exam grade!!!!!

Nisha Organic chemistry college student :Buffalo University

Hi Uma! I did better on this exam than the first one, a 156/175 so that's good. Now I have to prepare for the final next Friday, I'll definitely schedule more sessions once I get home. Hope you're doing well! Best Regards, Helen Xu

Helen Xu organic chemistry college student:Buffalo University

Hi Uma! I did very well on my final exam - I got a 194/200 (almost no questions wrong!) which allowed me to get an A in the class!!! All thanks to you, thank you so so much for all your help! I couldn't have done it without you!!

Nisha Organic chemistry college student :Buffalo University

Dear Mrs.Sharma, I hope you're having a fantastic summer! My sincere apologies on the delay in emailing you after my exam at the end of last semester. I had typed and thought I had sent you and email, but it turns out it has been sitting in my draft folder all summer. My final exam was definitely tough, but after the test I felt quite confident. I was able to do all but one of the synthesis questions and was able to figure out most of the other questions. I received my final score and I'm happy to report that I received an A grade for both Organic Chemistry 2 Lecture and Organic Chemistry 2 Lab! Mrs.Sharma, I have to say that I could not have achieved that result without your help. Your guidance, tips, ability to convey information especially when I was very confused and frustrated, and patience in the sessions helped me so, so much. You helped me develop the ability to look at each question as a puzzle that can be solved rather than to try to look back and see if there was a similar question that I had answered and that helped me immensely because it trained me not to panic when there would be questions that I had never seen before and helped instill in me the ability to calmly and rationally approach the question from different angles until I had reached a solution. I can not thank you enough for all your guidance, mentorship, and the time that you have spent in helping me to understand and grow to love the subject matter. Sincerely, -- Nirmal N. Maitra

Nirmal..Georgia university

Vidya Sivakumar: Hello uma- hope u r doing well. I wanted to let u know that Nive has improved her scores with ur lessons last test. She has her exams upcoming next week. Please help her out. Thanks much for ur help. She said she emailed u. Thank u so much uma. Really Appreciate ur help. She says she understands very well now

Parent (Nivedita organic chemistry student)

I got my chemistry exam score  A+  ☺I'm so happy  Thank you so much ms. Sharma.., I'm really loving your sessions so much.... I'm am really lucky to have you as my teacher

Anusha (Organic chemistry II)

Dear Dr.Uma, I wanted to thank you for helping me prepare for the AP chemistry exam for these past few weeks. When I took the exam today the problems we did really made the test more manageable and without your help that wouldn't of been possible. Thanks again!

Sai AP student 2016

You were very helpful. thank you so much for your time.

Paul(DAT student)

Hi Mrs.Sharma, I really liked your tutoring session because you were very descriptive and spent time on every detail. I felt really nervous at first, which was why I was made some silly mistakes, but I felt better as the session went on, thanks to you’re teaching. I plan to continue these session, learn a lot from you, and be successful in learning the foundations of chemistry and beyond it. I believe that my dad will talk to you about the package tomorrow morning. Have a good day.


In a short span of 6 months , Mrs Uma has been able to improve my daughter's Chemistry grades from C to an A . I am extremely happy with this progress . My daughter was on the verge of giving up with her science group when Mrs Uma came into her life - like a guardian angel and transformed her disappointment to happiness/success . Mrs Uma 's constant encouragement has build my daughter's confidence . Today she is a confident child and is preparing for her 12th board with a lot of confidence. My daughter now understands Chemistry concepts well and is able to enjoy the subject . She infacts looks forward to her chemistry online classes and is a very happy child today . I thank the good God for directing me to Mrs Uma and pray that God gives Mrs Uma good health and long life so that she can transform the lives of many children out there . I would definitely recommend Mrs Uma to any student who finds Chemistry a difficult subject. Mrs Candice Lewis

Rochelle's mother

I did my exam today, all your organic work helped me so much Thank you you're the best chemistry teacher I've had .

Madhuri A2 chemistry UK

Hello Uma, This is Renuka. (the mom) Thank you for all your help and teaching. Without you, Veena would not have scored 800. The credit goes to you. Pls do ask people to call me in case they want to know your coaching style. I will be glad to talk to them. Also, I would like you to continue teaching Chem to Veena. Biochemistry, chemistry, organic chemistry. Thank you, Renuka

Veena (SAT students)

I got my scores for the SAT Chemistry Test and I got an 800! October 7 2017 Chemistry SAT subject test 800 Thank you so much for teaching me. With your coaching I was able to get an 800.

Veena (SAT students)

Hi uma.... aman scored a 750.... not super thrilled .... but he is fine..... he was was expecting a 800... he said he did 2 questions wrong. But i think he is fine..... considering they messed up the exam dates..... thank you... i will.... thanks for your help... you were wonderful

SAT student Aman

Hi Dr. Uma, Sorry for such a late mail. I took the chemistry subject tests on Saturday and with your coaching, I think I did very well. There was not a problem that I was unsure of, with maybe 2 or 3 exceptions. Your teaching has always helped me and this time it was of great assistance. Thank you so much!! Expect to hear from me in a few years when I take the MCAT :) -- Nila Aravindan

SAT Student Nila

Hi Dr. Uma This is her Mom and I took over her machine to just quick chat with you. Yes, she liked the session and the quality of audio/whiteboard. I was wondering if you would be able to give her practice in her weak topics/chapters. I know you are busy. Please let me know a good time to quick talk/chat. Thanks. bye for now. and thanks again for the session.

Kumari (SAT Student)

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