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The Online Biology tutors here have helped my daughter immensely in preparing for her AP Biology exam. She finally achieved a 4 on the AP Biology exam which I owe entirely to the help by her biology tutors.


She makes learning Biology so interesting and fun that I have now started to enjoy it.

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About the AP Biology Exam
Month of Exam: May (every year)

Duration : 3 HOURS + 10 minutes reading time

Exam Format : The exam is divided into two parts – Multiple choice questions (MCQs ) & free response questions (Essay type, problem solving, oral response etc.)

Number and Type of questions:

Multiple Choice portion has a time limit of 90 minutes and comprises 100 MCQs

Free Response Portion has a time limit of 90 minutes and •  contain 4 mandatory questions. In the free-response portion one essay question is taken from Molecules and Cells another question focuses on Heredity and Evolution . Remaining two questions are taken from Organisms and population . These questions require the student to analyze and interpret data or information

There is no negative marking and no points are awarded for unanswered questions.

Exam Pattern:

The exam is divided into 3 major areas:

Major areas % of marks allotted
Cell & Molecular Biology 25%
Hereditary & Evolution 25%
Organisms & population 50%


AP Exam Gradings
5 (A)
Extremely Well Qualified
4 (A-, B+, B)
Well Qualified
3 (B-, C, C+)
Possibly Qualified
No Recommendation
Study Packages
The study packages for AP Biology Exam are available here. The packages can be customized as per your requirements.

Diagnostic Test. The students are first put through a diagnostic test to assess their strengths and areas where they may need greater emphasis.

Study Topics .The study topics which are covered in the AP Biology exam have been given out below.



Content Outline for AP Biology
Percentage of Course
I. Molecules and Cells
A. Chemistry of Life
1. Water
2. Organic molecules in organisms
3. Free energy changes
4. Enzymes
B. Cells
1. Prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells
2. Membranes
3. Subcellular organization
4. Cell cycle and its regulation
C. Cellular Energetics
1. Coupled reactions
2. Fermentation and cellular respiration
3. Photosynthesis

Heredity and Evolution

1. Meiosis and gametogenesis
2. Eukaryotic chromosomes
3. Inheritance patterns
B. Molecular Genetics
1. RNA and DNA structure and function
2. Gene regulation
3. Mutation
4. Viral structure and replication
5. Nucleic acid technology and applications
C. Evolutionary Biology
1. Early evolution of life
2. Evidence for evolution
3. Mechanisms of evolution

Organisms and Populations

A. Diversity of Organisms
1. Evolutionary patterns
2. Survey of the diversity of life
3. Phylogenetic classification
4. Evolutionary relationships
B. Structure and Function of Plants and Animals
1. Reproduction, growth, and development
2. Structural, physiological, and behavioral adaptations
3. Response to the environment
C. Ecology
1. Population dynamics
2. Communities and ecosystems
3. Global issues